[Tweeters] Farm-to-Market bakery

zuckerbond zuckerbond at comcast.net
Fri Jan 31 13:24:03 PST 2014

Ah cinnamon, it does serve us well in so many roles, doesn't it? :-) Thanks
for the update Bud, I'm headed up that way next week and will be sure to
check them out in their new space. I think fuel for birders is an important
topic for tweeters! Mary Bond, Seattle zuckerbond at comcast dot net

Subject: Farm-to-Market Bakery Update

Date: Fri Jan 31 2014 14:48 pm

From: falconresearch AT gmail.com

Perhaps a bit off-topic (hope I don't get banned!) but the essential
Farm-to-Market Bakery is a long and cherished tradition among Skagit
birders. The owners, Jim and Lisa Kowalski, have recently moved. They bought
the Rhododendron Cafe last year and just re-opened the FM Bakery, right next
door to the Rhody. They are now located at the intersection of Chuckanut
Drive and Bow Hill Road. They are no longer in Edison. Neither is that big,
brown Edison Merlin alas. Replaced by an adult male *columbarius*.
DISCLOSURE: I have no affiliation with the FM Bakery except as a long-time
happy consumer of cinnamon roles.

Bud Anderson falconresearch at gmail.com

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