[Tweeters] Thurs Clark Co. Tufteds --- NO

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Fri Jan 31 08:29:26 PST 2014

hi all ... yesterday (thursday afternoon) I joined Carol Riddell and
Anne Marie Woods to show them Clark County's Tufted Ducks ... this
was my first time "showing off" our Clark County "specialties" and
the TUFTED DUCKS DIDN'T SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I met Carol and
Anne Marie at Marine Park and no Tufted in the really small handful
of Scaup which were there ... I then led them to Fallen Leaf Lake
near Camas --- no Tufted again ... next try was the slough near Round
Lake ... and it was HORRIBLE --- NO TUFTED !!!!!!!!!!! ... I felt
really bad ... I discovered it's just as as disappointing not finding
your goal when you are "showing off" "your birds" as it is when you
drive long distances and dont find your goal ... the only thing
different was the lack of a long drive ... anyways, I still had a
wonderful afternoon and got to meet two really nice ladies who I've
heard about and seen their names numerous times in Tweeters ... and,
as "consolation", we had both the American Dipper and the Pacific
Wren at Round Lake, two birds the ladies needed for their county lists ...

thanks Carol and Anne Marie for a really nice afternoon ... hope to
meet you all again.
Vancouver, Wa.

Lyn Topinka

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