[Tweeters] Re: Northwestern crows -- chasing a shadow?

AJ Knue vireolanius at live.com
Wed Jan 29 17:11:56 PST 2014

Hello Tweets-

For a recent discussion of crows in northwest North America, including a comment by me that briefly summarizes the most current evidence either for or against the current treatment of Corvus curious see:

North by Northwest http://earbirding.com/blog/archives/4139

More molecular research is obviously needed especially using specimens from areas that are more definitely within the range of C. caurinus. And a full analysis of vocalizations throughout the western part of North America might shed some better light whether the is more than one species of crow in the NW.

I've told visiting birders that only the crows way out on the Olympic Peninsula are considered to be NW Crow - but it's a pretty muddy situation and if it were me, I wouldn't count it as such.

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