[Tweeters] Possible Golden Eagle in Monroe

Dasha Gudalewicz dasha at gudalewicz.com
Tue Jan 28 18:21:37 PST 2014

Hello Tweeters,

I was watching sparrows at Crescent Lake WMA today at 2 PM and the man who was walking his dogs there told me that he saw a Golden Eagle ten minutes ago. The bird was across the road from the Crescent Lake, on the ground, in the field with Trumpeter Swans (if I understood the directions right). When I asked him if it could possibly be an immature Bald Eagle he answered that he wouldn't confuse one with the other.

I didn't have time to investigate but thought it would be worth mentioning.

Please note that I DIDN'T see the bird and have no idea how knowledgeable the man was.

(I did find the Harris's Sparrow though)

Dasha Gudalewicz
Sammamish, WA

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