[Tweeters] Bad [human] behavior at Ridgefield NWR

Ken Salzman kpsalzman at comcast.net
Tue Jan 28 12:39:23 PST 2014

Without making any judgements about what has been posted on this subject, I’m hoping that it does not deteriorate into what occurred on the BCVAN Birds sight several years ago.
BCVan Birds was an excellent site that let it’s subscribers now about a number of very rare birds that showed up on both the mainland and Vancouver Island and regularly posted
sighting for Delta (72nd St. Dike) and Reifel Sanctuary). There were several posts regarding unethical bird photographers and that escalated into more and more “unethical” posts.
Despite warnings from the webmaster and others the "food fight” continued until the site had to be shut down. There are still some sites for British Columbia and the site for the Island
is very timely.However, to the best of my knowledge, sites for the mainland post sightings days or weeks later, in most cases, and a sight like BCVAN Birds has not re-emerged. It
would be a shame to see an excellent site like Tweeters fall to the same fate.

Ken Salzman
Bellingham, WA

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