[Tweeters] Current Issue of Audubon Magazine-Photoghahy awards and Disqualification Discusion

Paul Bannick paul.bannick at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 16:11:26 PST 2014


Thanks for the words of support. We are lucky to have such a great
community of skilled and committed birders and photographers. I appreciated
the honest and thoughtful perspective from you and others. It is wonderful
that we can share our unique views without descending into criticism and
judgement of our technical choices. I for one enjoy seeing all of the
delightful images from so many good photographers including not limited to
you, Vicki Biltz, Dan Reiff, Caren, as well as folks like Gregg Thompson,
Bob Kothendahl, Joel Haas , Glenn Nelson, Blair Bernson, Doug Schurman,
Ruth Sullivan, her late son Patrick and many others who share on Tweeters.
Seeing all of your images and hearing all of the stories from the field
makes enjoying the birds even more of a pleasure.


On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 3:30 PM, Marc Hoffman <tweeters at dartfrogmedia.com>wrote:

> I agree entirely with Paul about disclosure. And I'm in awe of his

> photos, all the more so for his refusal to add or subtract elements. His

> photos reveal great patience, skill, and artistic perspective.


> Marc Hoffman

> Kirkland, WA

> tweeters at dartfrogmedia.com



> At 06:03 PM 1/25/2014, Paul Bannick wrote:

> Dear Tweeters,


> Full disclosure is essential. I don't judge those who edit photos or

> shoot wildlife models but if a photo is edited or if the animal is not

> wild, it should be noted in the caption or with a disclaimer if a caption

> does not work.


> Personally, i do not EVER add or subtract elements from a photograph,

> however tempting it might be to take out part of a bird, a branch, a twig,

> a jess or some man-made object. I have entered contests and each limited

> the manipulation to things that were historically done in the dark room.


> Paul



Paul L. Bannick
Nature and Bird Photography
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