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Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Sat Jan 25 22:01:13 PST 2014

Hey Tweets...After my usual messing up...twice!...the birds are tallied
from the Jan 4th count, the donations sent in, and the questions begin; why
no Red-breasted Nuthatches? Where are the pheasants that just recently
roamed freely over the Ocean Shores peninsula? Same question about
Band-tailed Pigeons. I was relieved no pelicans stuck around this year, and
pleased to see the 11 Trumpeter Swans stuck around for the count. I missed
our Snowy Owls from the last two years counts.

When I totaled the number of species I was a bit surprised to "only" have
115 (we usually have 130 or more); we had 42 people out in the field
counting, about 7 more than usual. I thought more eyes would equal more
species, but not so.

I thank all who participated. It was a great day to be out birding...in the
sunshine for a change, and I know everyone had a good time. I will be
sending the tally sheet to all who participated and gave me their e-mail
contact. If anyone else would like a copy, send me an e-mail and I will get
one out to you.

Thanks for your patience!

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores
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