[Tweeters] RFI Lummi Flats Snow Buntings.

Mechejmch mechejmch at aol.com
Sat Jan 25 20:50:57 PST 2014

There haven't been any recent reports of Snow Buntings on the Lummi Flats on our local list serve and given the foggy conditions in the morning hours, you might consider saving yourself a trip.

*The flats have been dead this year, especially as far as our usual array of raptors, etc.

Joe Meche

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I'm thinking of heading to Lummi Flats to look for the previously reported Snow
Buntings. Has anyone seen them this week?

This is a species that I've failed to find repeatedly and would love to see. But
it's a very long drive for a guy with two small kids to get back to. So
confirmation that they are still around would be great.

Thank you.

Chris Warlow
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