[Tweeters] Apologies

Joel Haas haas.joel at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 25 15:03:30 PST 2014

My sincere apologies to Tweeters and other birders on Old Monroe
Snohomish Road today 1-25-2014 around noon for "alerting" them to the
Gyrfalcon in a tree on the right mile or so to the west. My 400+ images
clearly illustrate a Coopers Hawk. More of the flying "Gyr" are those
of a Redtail Hawk.

Ignore me in the future, if given the opportunity.

Again, I am sincerely sorry.

Joel E. Haas
haas.joel at mindspring.com
Redmond, WA

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are" - Anaïs Nin

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