[Tweeters] Singing Junco's, Sunbathing Bushtits

Eric Kraig kraigs-lists at comcast.net
Sat Jan 25 11:34:23 PST 2014

Jeff Gibson posted:

"Just returned from a morning walk around the neighborhood here in NW
Everett. Sunny and frosty, and Spring sprung another subtle leak - singing
Junco's! I heard about a half-dozen in my half-hour walkabout. I don't
remember hearing Junco's singing this early in the year before, but they are

We went for a walk yesterday around the Lott treatment ponds in Lacey,
checking up on the two Black Phoebes that have been hanging out there. They
are still there, actively chasing each other around, although whether the
intent is love or war is hard to say. Anyway, we also heard juncos singing
- the first one threw us, because it seemed so early. Of course, with fifty
degrees and sun, it felt more like April than January.

Eric Kraig

Olympia, WA

erickraig at comcast.net

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