[Tweeters] Singing Junco's, Sunbathing Bushtits

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Jan 25 10:27:54 PST 2014

Just returned from a morning walk around the neighborhood here in NW Everett. Sunny and frosty, and Spring sprung another subtle leak - singing Junco's! I heard about a half-dozen in my half-hour walkabout. I don't remember hearing Junco's singing this early in the year before, but they are today. A few Robins lightly toodeling also.
As I write this, a troop of Bushtits is lazing about in the sun warmed Holly tree outside my office window. Looks like they just woke up- maybe they all bivouacked in the dense holly for the night. Anyway, they are looking remarkably laid back compared to this same spot during the cold spell of early December, when they were about as frantic as I've ever seen, trying to get enough calories to make it though the cold days.
Well enough lazing about, the Bushtit troop has perked up and moved out- all together as usual.

Jeff GibsonEverett Wa

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