[Tweeters] Current Issue of Audubon Magazine-Photoghahy awards and Disqualification Discusion

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Sat Jan 25 03:04:02 PST 2014

Hello Fellow Tweeters,

There is an interesting discussion regarding alteration of bird photographs and rules for the Annual Photo Contest in the current issue (January, 2014) of Audubon magazine. A great image was disqualified. I am interested in what Tweeter's community members think. I think it is an interesting question.

Many of our best single images of birds and humans are now modified and enhanced to varying degrees. This a now a routine practice for images of female models in fashion magazines. The controversies in many fields, including bird photography include: when should it be disclosed; at what level of change, including enhancement; and what image enhancements should be considered in photo contests. The Audubon Editor asks for feedback.

Dan Reiff
Mercer Island

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