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My wife and I have used two different Princeton Guides several times in
Kenya: Birds of East Africa by Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe which is
more specific to the area and quite good and Birds of Africa South of the
Sahara by Ian Sinclair and Peter Ryan. We liked have two different guides,
the artwork in each sometimes emphasizes different features.

My wife has a lot greater experience in Kenya but not much time to go to
particular birding locations but we went together to Tsavo West National
Park which was pretty amazing. We had Secretary Birds land right next to us
and saw a wide range of bird species. Mida Creek on the coast also had a
nice walk a canoe tour.


Ed Swan

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The book I found very helpful in Kenya was the Collins Field Guide: Birds
of East Africa by Williams and Arlott. My edition has 1283 species
described and over 650 color Illustrations, all in a convenient field guide
size book.

Roger Olstad


Dear Tweeters,

I will be in Kenya most of the month of August, 2014. What should I not
miss, birding or otherwise. What should I not miss, birding or otherwise?
What is your favorite birding handbook? Please reply offline. To Dave Parent
dpdvmatwhidbeydotcom. Thanks!

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