[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 24 January 2014

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri Jan 24 14:23:44 PST 2014

What a glorious day! With a start barely above freezing, by noon the temps were in the 50s. No wind and bright sunny skies made lake viewing superb. Lots of activity on the water and inland. Notable birds and bird behavior include the following.

Eurasian Wigeon - male continues in the flock; some courting going on as a female (which variety?) was following it around making some jabbering sounds.
Common Merganser males were making grunting noises that could be heard at some distance.
Hooded Merganser (female) continues
Horned Grebe - Pontiac Bay
Western Grebe - 43 birds today! This is the highest total in a couple of months. Most were a couple hundred yards off shore, due east of the park
Great Blue Heron - not always present. This bird was standing on a rock at the lake shore while a Belted Kingfisher was perched just a couple of feet above. The kingfisher was constantly rattling away at the heron; maybe there was some contention for fish in that spot.
Herring Gull (2) and Thayer’s Gull - swim platform
Barn Owl - central meadows
Anna’s Hummingbird - 7 males seen, many more heard. There was hardly any location in the park where I could not hear an Anna’s making its dive noise.
Downy Woodpecker - Promontory Point; they have been hard to come by this winter.
Lincoln’s Sparrow - 4
Yellow-rumped (all Audubon’s) and Townsend’s Warbler - 5 each. 4 of the Townsend’s were in one tree, along the Promontory Point fence line; all were non adult-males.

There was a large insect hatch going on, evidenced in several places in the park. They were thick at one tall Doug Fir on the point. Near the top of the tree, a Yellow-rump and a Townsend’s Warbler, plus a couple each of both Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets were flycatching. The Yellow-rump had the hovering flight down while the Townsend’s just did quick sallies out and back. But the kinglets looked pretty clumsy in their maneuvers. Still, the effort must have been cost-effective as they continued the harvest for the 15+ minutes I was there.

For the day, 56 species; year tally now at 68 species.
Checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S16495212
Scott Ramos

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