[Tweeters] eBird reporting question (no sighting)

Karen Wosilait kwosilait at clearwire.net
Thu Jan 23 17:43:28 PST 2014

I'm not sure how to handle certain situations, such as spending a day mainly driving around what I think is Samish/Skagit flats.

First, I'm not sure of the extent of these hotspots and how I would find out.

Second, do I break my trip up into parts: first driving around Samish Flats, then a stop at the West 90 (Samish Flats--West 90), then maybe a bit more Samish Flats, then a stop at Samish Island--Day Use Area, then back to Samish Flats, then Bay View State Park, back to Samish Flats and eventually into Skagit flats?

Third, if I see a Merlin in Edison, should that just get included in Samish Flats since Edison isn't a hotspot?

Thanks so much,

Karen Wosilait
kwosilait at uwalumni.com

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