[Tweeters] No Joy In Mudville ?

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Thu Jan 23 15:29:38 PST 2014

Yup, it's another Winter in Mudville, and no singing House Finches in my neighborhood. Why tweeters, why? Possibly the Mudwump!
The Mudwump of Mudville lives atop ol' Rucker hill; on the bottom of the reservoir there, is his lair, on the crown of a drowned cedar stump. A grump on a stump, that's the Mudwump.
The Mudwump loves winter, 'cause it's dark and quiet. "Gray gray gray", he chants. "Rain rain rain, makes the mud all the colder! Drear drear drear, that's how I like my new year!" Unknown to most out-of towners, the ol' Mudwump is sort of a downer. Although the Sea Dogs are loud, they sound a bit sad, a sound the Mudwump thinks is not all that bad.
But one sound of winter drive's ol' Mudwump nuts, bugs him down to his wet muddy ruts. "Of all the winter sounds, north of Californy, the worst is the song of a House Finch, that's horny!", he say's with a sneer. " A sound a little too cheery for here!"
The Mudwump was bored on his stump all winter, his mind shrunk to a kernel,after too much time reading the Wall Street Journal.Watching his stocks rise and fallthe Mudwump liked money, and thats about all.
After buying more stock, in poisoned bird food makers,the Mudwump looked about Mudville for some other takersfor a new plan, to quiet Mudville and the rest of the land."I'm gonna start with those noisy finches" he said to his hands.
"Poisoned bird food is a pretty good start, but we gotta get tough, gotta get smart. Conjunctivitis, pox, and salmonella,ought to put a cork in those bright noisy fella's!"So ol' Mud went into town, "disease is natural", Mud saidas he spread it around.
Then he saw a Coyote, named Coy, and said "Come here boy, and put out the word to all your friends; to lay off the stray cats,the grey tree squirrels , and the black tree rats!And tell those critters there's a new meal in town,here's some flyers, Coy, are you down?"
And Coy, although he didn't trust ol' Mud, went around townand passed out his crud."Finch, it's what's for dinner!" and "Finch, the other white meat"were some of the flyers, the critters were hungry, and there were a few buyers.
And after awhile, ol' Mud got rid of those finches in style."Now that it's so quiet around, there IS one sound I'd like to hear" the Mudwump said."The sound of Jeff Gibson crying in his beer! Oh 'boo hoo' he'll cry 'the finches aren't singing,why tweeters, why?" the Mudwump laughed.
So ol' Mud snuck up on Jeff on his last doggy walk with his (wife's) semi-faithful dog Max.But Jeff wasn't crying he was smiling!"Hey Max" he said " I know it's kinda quiet around here" ,kinda talking over his shoulder, so the Mudwump (who he knew was probably listening), could hear, " When I was in Port Townsend last week I heard House Finches singing for days and it was WONDERFUL!"
And that ruined the Mudwumps day. Because the Mudwump is a grump.

Jeff GibsonMudville (AKA Everett) Wa

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