[Tweeters] Photos of bald eagle feast/202 near Ames Lake

Teresa Stokes tlstokespoetry at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 12:29:20 PST 2014

Here are a few quick photos from yesterday. Once I turned around and got
parked the bald eagles had decided who would feast and who would wait. I
watched the lone adult eat until his/her crop was bulging, then it took off
to the far side of the field. Then a large immature (do you think about 3
years old?) circled the field beginning at the left and ending in trees
past where the adult was. Then another adult flew to the area where the
immature was perched. Not sure what they were eating but there are clues in
the bits and pieces in the background. A woman stopped to take a quick cell
photo. Stopping by the area again today.

or at http://floodwaterphotography.com (under bald eagle feast)

enjoy the sun!

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