[Tweeters] banding study

don at picturebookpublishing.com don at picturebookpublishing.com
Tue Jan 21 08:57:00 PST 2014

I have nearly finished my study of the bird banding community, and it is quite amazing what I have found. I am compiling my information using the Marra and Spottswood methods of calculation. I know a great number of you are involved in the banding society and I can be certain that you will not like what I have found. I have read many papers that have been written over the last 20 years, and the amount of clear manipulation of data is amazing. I cannot release any data at this time, and the wildlife biologists understand that releasing data before a project is finished is not kosher. I had hoped to include information from the Olympic Dipper Battue, but they seem to be continuing on to perpetuity; they do seem to be following the tried and true methods of Spottswood and Marra.

Don Wallace
Sequim, WA
don at picturebookpublishing.com

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