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Today 35 of us walked Nisqually under partly cloudy skies and no wind. We had a 14.4 high tide at 9:26 AM so conditions were good.

Highlights included RUDDY DUCK, NORTHERN SHRIKE, a small flock of LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS.

There was water everywhere when we started so waterfowl were scattered throughout the refuge. The RUDDY DUCK was spotted way in the back of the ponds when looking from the new dike near the gate. It was with some BUFFLEHEAD giving great views of the difference between the 2 species.

The LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS were near the willows on the pond behind the twin barns. These, too, were best seen from the new dike. The NORTHERN SHRIKE was working both sides of the new dike.

The number of BALD EAGLES was down from last week, but we still had several around. RED-TAILS and NORTHERN HARRIERS were throughout the refuge. There was a PEREGRINE FALCON roosting in the cottonwoods near the Nisqually overlook for most of the morning. Apparently well fed.

Last week we couldn't find a GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW. This week we were tripping over them! They were everywhere. We also saw SONG SPARROWS, SPOTTED TOWHEES, HOUSE FINCH, BROWN CREEPERS, MARSH WREN, BEWICK'S WREN, and GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS.

For the day I had 48 species and now have 61 for the year. The only mammal noted was a HARBOR SEAL in the Nisqually River.

Until next week.....

Phil Kelley
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