[Tweeters] singing in the sun

gmunger140 at comcast.net gmunger140 at comcast.net
Tue Jan 21 13:10:03 PST 2014

I walk around Green Lake most every day. 
There are at least 3 male Red wing Black birds in the cattails and red osier dogwood on the west side of the lake.  They or at least two of them have been singing at each other and fluffing up their epaulets since December 9, and have been going on periodically since then. 
My first notation of a song sparrow singing at Green Lake was January 9 this year.
Also of a similar seasonal note, but of a non avian nature, there were three turtles sunning on the logs along the west side, at the same location the red-wing males have been singing at each other, on the sunny afternoon of January 15.
Garet Munger
Green Lake Neighborhood  Seattle

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