[Tweeters] Snowy Owls south of Kennewick, WA -coordinates

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Here is a Google Maps link to the precise spot where the owls have been most
frequently seen. The owls have been photographed several times on the Mills
RD sign pictured here by Google. All the snowy owls I have observed and
photographed have been within 400 yards or so of this location. It has been
gloomy and overcast, unusual for this side of the mountains, but for the
"winter inversion".


For the GPS'rs -119.0808743, 46.0818499


(map, GIS guy)

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Hi Tweets:

I'm glad that Steve Pink got to see the Snowy Owls south of Kennewick up in
the Horse Heaven Hills. He sent a msg to Tweets today about it; Subj. Snowy
Owls at Horse Heaven Hills. Maybe the weather cleared for him.

My sister Marilyn is having a hard time seeing these owls because they are
having the thick fog in the Kennewick area right up to the crest of the
hills at 2000 ft! On those foggy days she has a hard time finding the owls.

Stephan Schlick in his report to Tweets today re: WOS trip for winter birds
in Douglas and Okanogan county, said there was thick fog on the Waterville
Plateau and that the layer was between 2500-3000 ft thick. He said their
birding output was less than half of the worst trip of the worst trip he's
lead over there to the area.

I think we need rain and snow to clear the air all over the whole state.

Congrats to Steve Pink for seeing two owls up in the HH Hills as they were
about to leave. Here is my original report to Tweets.

Yours, Carol Schulz

Des Moines

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Subject: Snowy Owls south of Kennewick, WA

Hi Tweets:

My sister who lives in Kennewick saw 2 Snowy Owls today, Jan 16, south of
Kennewick, up in the Horse Heaven Hills. The site is near S Nine Canyon Rd,
zip code 99337.

Take I-82 to Exit 114 south of Kennewick. Turn east onto hwy 397. It is a
new highway and it goes to Finley, WA. Drive east 7 miles. Just past
milepost 7, turn right onto Nine Canyon Rd, a paved county road. Drive
south 3.7 miles. You will climb up to approx 2000 ft elevation. (Kennewick
on the Columbia River is about 300 ft elev.) Near the crest of the fallow
wheat farmlands the road starts turning right. There are signs.

Turn left onto Mills Rd, a gravel rd. There is a big red stop sign there,
visible when you leave. Stop there and look around. Remain in the car.
Snowy owls are shy. Use your car as a blind. Do not approach closer than
200-300 ft. Drive slowly on Mills Rd approx 0.1 mile to where it makes a
sharp right. There are markers there, including a survey marker for the
Dept of Natl. Resources. Marilyn has seen Snowy Owls (SNOWs) up there a
number of times. The other day, after seeing a juv SNOW in a field near
that spot, she saw an adult owl perched on the survey marker. She remained
in the car. She drives as far as some grasslands, and then does a U-turn
and drives slowly back.

She has usually seen SNOW's on the horizon of the barren wheatfields, not
necessarily the grasslands. Scan the horizon for anything that looks
white... "Somethimes you'll just see a small dome-shape that moves its
head." She looks out of the car window using her bins, but suggests using a
spotting scope on a window pod would be a good idea too.

Marilyn says the new updated DeLorme Atlas, which says 2013 on the bottom of
title pg 1, is necessary for Benton County. It's the only one that shows
the new hwy 397 that goes over to Finley from I-82. The 2010 edition
doesn't show it. Today here in Des Moines, I was able to find all the areas
using Bing Maps, S Nine Canyon Rd (not Nine MILE Canyon Rd), 99337.

Marilyn has seen SNOW's up there in Jan, 2013, Dec, 2013, and now in Jan,
2014. She says going back downhill on Nine Canyon Rd is quite scenic.

Yours, Carol Schulz

Des Moines

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