[Tweeters] Snowy Owls at Horse Heaven Hills

Steve Pink pirangas at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 21 09:52:37 PST 2014

Thanks to Carol Schulz's recent Tweeters message we checked the reported Snowy Owls as we were in the area.
We followed the instructions given in Carol's post and stayed in the car. Although for a while there appeared to be no point. We carefully scanned all the fields and grasslands from the car. When we had given up the search and started to head down - a Snow Owl came apparently from nowhere over the road and landed a short distance away. Then we saw another sitting on the survey marker where had parked some 15 minutes earlier.
Apart from Raven no other birds present. But great scenery and great owls.
Thanks to Carol.
Cheers, Steve

Steve Pink
Edmonds, WA
mailto: pirangas at hotmail.com

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