[Tweeters] Boundary Bay, Reifel

Warren Clemans wumpusbear at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 08:44:43 PST 2014

I had a fantastic day yesterday at Boundary Bay and Reifel. Thanks, Kim
Middleton, for the alert a few days ago about the long-eared owls at BB.
Although I walked right past them the first time, I eventually located them
(with help): five birds in all. In the morning, I took a lot of twiggy
photos of birds with their eyes closed (I wasn't the only one). Lots of
harriers hunting, including some really striking light colored ones, but no
snowy owls. After a couple of hours at BB I went over to Reifel. The
highlight for me (other than the usual embarrassment of riches there) was
when a bald eagle flew up and perched in the top of one of the tall
conifers not far from the entrance, flushing a small hawk. I walked in the
direction the bird had flown and got a couple of photos. It was a
cooper's, I think, based on size and tail length, though I'd be grateful
for other opinions. The bird seemed much bigger than a jay. I went back
to Boundary Bay at the end of the day to watch the owls wake up. That was
a treat.

A few photo highlights of the day (and evening) are here:

One of the owls: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63285381@N00/12063984923/
The accipiter: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63285381@N00/12063979033/
And a black crowned night heron near the entrance:

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