[Tweeters] Anne Winskie and I birding Stanwood to Skagit yesterday

Scott scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 20 16:16:09 PST 2014


Anne Winskie and I birded various coastal spots between Stanwood and Skagit Flats yesterday morn. It was foggy early, but toward noon we managed to get some filtered sunlight and breaks in the clouds. About 55 species were found, including GR. WHITE- FRONTED GEESE (2 at the Port Susan Nature Conservancy parking area, flyovers, and 14 more at Jensen, where there were four CACKLING GEESE as well). There had only been two CACKLING on the Skagit Flats CBC in early January, and no GR. WHITE-FRONTS at all. At the Skagit WMA headquarters, off Wylie, we had three SWAMP SPARRROWS, all along the outer end of the main dike trail west. These were very hunkered-down birds, and we only got a fleeting glimpse of one of the three; fortunately, especially when the sun shone, the birds vocalized repeatedly. In the main flock at the outer end, we also had a SLATE-COLORED-type JUNCO, and another was right by the parking area. Finally, a HARLAN'S type RED-TAILED HAWK came down right along the highway, north of Stanwood but just south of Milltown--we had very close views but fleeting as we were driving north. The predation failed as the bird flew off with just some grass falling off the talons. This species was also absent from the Skagit CBC. Scott AtkinsonLake Stevensmail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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