[Tweeters] Where have all the shorebirds gone?

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Dennis and Tweets,
Yikes, what flooded farm fields? On this year’s Skagit CBC, David and I had zero

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I wonder if a lot of these shorebirds depend on flooded farmlands for feeding when the tide is so high in the winter. They certainly do use them extensively, Dunlins and Black-bellied Plovers more than Sanderlings. That spell of extreme cold might have frozen all of them and sent the birds southward. Dunlins, like many other birds, are very flexible about things like that.

Dennis Paulson

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Dear Bob and Tweeters,

I can't say I've made a huge effort to find shorebirds lately, but I have been out birding the flats quite a few times since the new year. I have not seen a single Dunlin this year in Skagit County. The only shorebirds I have found have been Black Oystercatchers, Black Turnstones, Greater Yellowlegs, and Killdeer. Up to the 21st of December, I was seeing fairly good flocks of Dunlin in Skagit County, with a high of 5000 birds one day, but no really large flocks. I haven't seen any Dunlin at all since a few days before Christmas.

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

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