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Sat Jan 18 18:19:03 PST 2014

The location of the male Tufted Duck (long tuft but barely raised) is the
same as two and three years ago, off Columbia Way 1.2 miles heading east
toward the Water Resources Education Center. Turn right toward the boat
ramp and Kaiser Viewing Tower and park at the first opportunity along the
river past the boat basin. There were more Barrow's Goldeneyes than Common
Goldeneyes there and both scaup species. Had Glaucous-winged and Mew Gulls,
and lots of hybrid GWxWE gulls with some interesting plumage and bills.

We continued on to the Water Resources Ed Center and found a cooperative
Red-breasted Sapsucker north of the parking lot, and a White-throated
Sparrow in the short grass just east of the feeders at the SE corner of the

We did make it to Wintler Park before sunset (there is a quick entry to SR
14 under the RR tracks just west of the boat ramp turnoff) but the scaup
flocks were all to the north where we had already looked. No sign of the

Randy Hill


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Hi Tweeters and Portland Area birders,

This message just in from Randy Hill that he has found a male Tufted Duck
visible from the boat ramp across from the Water Resources Center which is
along the Columbia River in Clark County East of I-5 and west of I-205. I
don't have exact coordinates.

(Please forward to OBOL).


Jim Danzenbaker

Battle Ground, WA

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Jim, get down here to the boat ramp before the water resources center for a
male Tufted Duck. Maybe post first. Haven't gotten to Wintler Park yet

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Thanks Randy!


On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Hy-bird <re_hill at q.com> wrote:

Bob Flores just called to report a White-winged Scoter among about 100 scaup
on the Columbia River, viewed from Wintler Park. This is downstream from
PDX airport and probably visible from Broughton Beach from the Oregon side.
He also indicated that Vancouver Lake had very little.

Randy Hill


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