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Deborah West olyclarinet at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 17:45:47 PST 2014

I have both a male and a female Townsend's warbler spending the winter in my yard. The male is much bolder, coming to the pine cone on my deck and my peanut butter feeder tree. The suet cake in my yard is farther from the house. The female visits it but will not come any closer. I noticed the same behavior last year with the male and female Townsend's which stayed the winter.

Last year I also had two Orange-crowned warblers spend the winter in my yard. As with the Townsend's one was much bolder than the other. Unfortunately for me, they have not decided to visit this year.

Deborah West
West Olympia

I have had just one female Townsend's for a few weeks, which obviously is

not that unusual. However, in spite of 2 suet feeders and one of the seed

cake logs in close proximity, she has consistently fed from a tube feeder

with "no mess" blend from Wild Birds (I have no affiliation with them),

which consists primarily of hulled sunflower hearts. I have never seen her

at the suet feeders.

Kristin Stewart

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