[Tweeters] Washington county year list project 2013 summary & 2014 launch

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 14 19:07:39 PST 2014

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Here's the year-end report for 2013 county year list project. Results posted here: http://wabirder.com/county_yearlist.html

We've wrapped another year of compiling county year-lists to build a state-wide snapshot. For eight years we've recruited compilers from every county to keep track of sightings. While individual county listing is fun, the idea behind this project is to compile a 'community' list: all the birds seen by anyone, rather than just those seen by one person. The result is one perspective on the birds of Washington for 2013.

2014 compiling is underway. We've lined up compilers for almost every county [please see the above link for contact info for each county] and would appreciate help with sightings. As the year progresses and we post mid-year updates, you can help the compilers even more by looking for misses on the list that you have seen and telling the compiler about those specific birds.

Some results from 2013:
397 species were recorded statewide in 2013, the third highest total we've tallied, though 5 species short of last year's record. Eastern Washington as a whole reported 323 species, and Western WA recorded 364 species.

Ten counties recorded new record highs for the years we've been compiling: Asotin [219], Chelan [232], Clallam [301], Ferry [185], Garfield [197], Grant [254], San Juan [204], Thurston [225], Whitman [218], and Yakima [269].

Clallam County's record high of 301 was the highest ever reported by a single county by a long shot -- imagine: over 300 species seen in a year in just one county!
Rounding out the top counties with over 250 species for the year: Grays Harbor [276], Yakima [269], King [268], Okanogan [266], Grant [254], Walla Walla [251]. Overall, 30 counties recorded year lists over 200, and all but one came in over 175 species -- you really can see a wide diversity of birds anywhere in the state.
Also, although Clallam Co dominated in shear species total, three other counties, Garfield, Okanogan and Yakima, reported observing a greater percentage of their base list -- a measure that might also be pretty significant.

22 counties were within 10 species of last year's total, a sign of coverage being pretty thorough and stable, perhaps.

79 species were seen in all 39 counties across the state - a new high for that stat, and likely as much a sign of increasingly thorough coverage as anything else. Eurasian Collared-Dove made its appearance in every county this year -- the first time it has accomplished this in one year.

32 species were found in only one county, a little higher, but roughly the same as in past few years.

If you look over the list and notice anything not noted that you saw, make a resolution in 2014 to report to the compiler - we are sure more birds are being seen that we're recording, but we need the input of the community to enhance the picture.

Thanks to all the compilers who keep track of their county patches, and thanks to all the contributors who send their sightings in to the compilers.

Here's looking forward to whatever we find, familiar and surprising, in 2014.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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