[Tweeters] bat flying near Seward Park

kelsberg at u.washington.edu kelsberg at u.washington.edu
Tue Jan 14 12:21:34 PST 2014

Sarah Safranek and I noticed a small brown bat flying low over the water about half a mile south of the Stan Sayres hydroplane pits on Lake Washingtion about 4 PM yesterday afternoon. The bat spent about 15-20 minutes making rough circles near the lake shore, occasionally dipping down to touch the surface, and then flew inland towards a grove of trees. The air was still and the temperature was about 52 degrees.
I read that Little Brown Bats will commonly interrupt their hibernation after a few weeks and fly around for a while on warm winter's evenings. I imagine that was what we witnessed. I also read that these flights use about three-fourths of their stored fat reserves.

Gary Kelsberg

kelsberg at yew dot washington dot eedew

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