[Tweeters] Two Harris's Sparrows in Dungeness

B Boekelheide bboek at olympus.net
Mon Jan 13 18:01:44 PST 2014

Hello, Tweeters,

There are now two Harris's Sparrows visiting feeders about a mile apart in Dungeness. One is the bird found by Vince Lucas on Halloween about 0.75 miles down 3 Crabs Rd, still present in the last couple days. Another one, first spotted yesterday morning (1/12/14), is visiting a feeder near the corner of Sequim-Dungeness Way and Palmer St. They're both first-year birds with similar markings, but the new one is perhaps a little more streaked on the flanks.

Seems to be a good year for Harris's Sparrows. The last time we're aware that there were two Harris's Sparrows at the same time around Sequim-Dungeness was in 1986, when two were seen on the Christmas Count.

There's also a White-throated Sparrow visiting the same feeder, along with the White-crowneds and Golden-crowneds, making a four Zono day at one feeder -- not an easy thing to do in western WA.

Bob Boekelheide

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