[Tweeters] Woodland THREE Rough-Legged Hawks ...

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Mon Jan 13 14:35:51 PST 2014

hi all ... Gene and I drove the Woodland Bottoms area hoping to
stumble upon a Red-shouldered Hawk ... no such luck ... HOWEVER we
did come across THREE Rough-legged Hawks !!! ... one was "light morph
and a really gorgeous bird ... the other two were "dark-morphed", my
first ever sighting of them in this plumage ... one is very dark and
the other has some white on his head ... the hawks were seen along
Dike Road (white-in-head dark-morph), Dike Access Road (light-morph),
and at the end of Guild Road (dark dark-morph) ...

along the Lewis River dike there was also the dark-morphed Red-tailed
Hawk hanging out in his usual spot, just as you come out from under
the RR bridge ...

a nice day,
Vancouver, Wa.

Lyn Topinka

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