[Tweeters] Odd Gull in Lewis County

Roger Moyer rogermoyer1 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 12 21:25:36 PST 2014

I went birding for a while this afternoon to see if the storm had blown anything in from the coast. While I was out I came across a rather odd looking gull. I believe it was a BLACK-HEADED GULL Be low is a description. If anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate some input.

1. The size is that of a Black-headed Gull.
2. The Primary Feathers were completely black. No white spotting.
3. The back was a mid grade gray. Similar in color to a WESTERN GULL
4. The mantle was white, there was a black band running from just behind one eye over the top of the head to the other eye. The band curled forward under the eyes. It also had black and white sprinkled from the top of the forehead forward to between the eyes.
5. The bill was medium sized and it was the color of a WESTERN GREBE'S bill. It was a solid color, it didn't have a black tip.
6. The breast was white.

I wasn't able to get a look at the tail or legs as it was sitting down. It looked like it was exhausted so I didn't attempt to bother it.

The bird was seen about a mile off the freeway. Here are directions if anyone wants to try and relocate the bird. I am going to try and relocate it in the morning.

Take Hwy 6 exit Exit 78 and go we to the Riverside Rd about 100 yards west ofI-5. Go south about a mile. You will cross the Chehalis River. Continue on for about 1/4 mile or the first road to the right after the bridge. The name of the road is Tun. At this point River Road turns into Shorey Rd. Turn right on Tun Rd. and the bird was in the field on the south side of the road near a pond from rain runoff. The bird was about 200 yards west of Shorey Rd.

Thanks for the input.

Roger Moyer

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