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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 16:09:26 PST 2014

Hey tweets, now that the weather has calmed down a bit, I got a chance to assess the damage to the Fill. Surprisingly, most trees survived the heavy winds, although several in Yesler Swamp have been split or toppled. The small trees seemed to suffer the worst, which was counterintuitive.

The birds all seemed very happy to be able to flit about without getting their feathers tousled. In particular, an overwintering ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER has been sipping nectar at a feeder across the street on Surber, like a grand dame at tea, taking one little sip at a time, then pausing to look around as if for conversation. There being none, the bird took another little sip. It’s in extremely yellow plumage, a welcome sunburst on such a gray day.

Yesterday, the fleet of 13 TRUMPETER SWANS that has been making Union Bay its home (12 adults and one juvenile) tried to beat its way against the wind from Magnuson back to the Fill. John and I had gone to look at the whitecaps at Magnuson and to see if there were any windsurfers out. The only ones were avian. As we watched the swans make steady but slow progress against the wind, the rain began to spit again while the sun was still peeking through a little cloud-break. The result was the closest, most intense rainbow I have ever seen. Just as I was wishing I could run out onto the water to pass through the rainbow, a feat I have longed to do but which my physicist husband says is impossible, the swans *did* fly right through the heart of the rainbow. For an instant, they turned carnelian, gold, turquoise, garnet, and ruby, then they emerged from their jewel-like prism and unified themselves into white again. Ohhh, we breathed, what a living treasure. - Connie, Seattle

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