[Tweeters] Siberian Accentor

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Tue Jan 7 19:57:37 PST 2014

Dear Tweeters:

I had a sighting Sunday, 1/5/14, about 3:45 pm, and would like to share
details with you. I was out hawking (I'm a falconer) with friends and while
they were going down the tracks to a field I decided to stay at the truck.

As I was sitting there, I noticed a junco hopping about. Then, another
bird, close to the same size..it was only 6 ft away. This other bird had a
pointy beak like a warbler's, and was also hopping around on the ground
apparently eating insects. It had a prominent yellow eye stripe, and a
yellow cheek, while dark around the eye.. the yellow was almost a rich
orange, but lighter. The breast was lightly streaked. This bird was about
5 " in length. This other bird spent about 5 minutes close to my truck,
then flitted toward some bushes about 15' in front of the truck, where it
foraged some more. Then, it returned to the original spot, foraged some
more then into the bushes in front of the truck again.

This occurred in "Kent", off of 84th and S. 202nd St., Seattle Business
Park. I was parked next to building H, just past the RR Tracks (that would
be the East side of the tracks, facing west).

I have the National Geographic Bird App on my smartphone, so looked up this
bird..the only thing I could find was a Siberian Accentor..the pics looked
EXACTLY like my bird...

I would like your thoughts on this..here is a link to a pic that, like I
said, looks exactly like this bird:


PS: I have not been able to get back to the area with my Wife to confirm;
if anyone sees this bird again, we would love to know!

Cliff Kellogg

North Bend, WA

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