[Tweeters] Rusty Blackbird, Sequim.

bruce paige BBPaige at nikola.com
Tue Jan 7 18:41:53 PST 2014

Yay! Before you say "how lucky can you get, remember, this is my fifth trip to this site this year in search for this bird!"

The bird was atop a leafless Big-leafed Maple at Maple View Dairy. Picked out among about 150 blackbirds and starlings in perfect frontal sun lighting. Presumably this is the same female that has been at that site for at least a month. First located by the overall light cream body color when compared to female Brewer's Blackbirds, then found the very light, almost white superciliary line through the eye and the nearly rust-colored crown that stood out from any other bird nearby. Finally, when she turned her head I could see the white iris of the eye after zooming in. Turned on the camera, and the flock promptly flushed and flew to the other end of the dairy. Are they that publicity shy?

I also birded Ediz Hook at PA this morning in the nearly frigid air and the most notable bird was a Ruddy Turnstone taking a "Polar Bear" bath at the tide's edge.

Lastly, a correction on my last post re: Barn Swallows. The species has been seen on three years during the local CBC, '04, '05', and '06 all at Graysmarsh Farm, as kindly pointed out by count compiler Bob "B". and Scott Atkinson.

Bruce Paige, Sequim

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