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Ed Swan edswan at centurytel.net
Mon Jan 6 20:18:54 PST 2014

Vashon's CBC took place yesterday with sunny weather and a good species
total for Vashon but with the overall feeling that numbers were down for
both water and land birds.

The species count at this point is 112 but I suspect it will reach 120,
possibly a little over, as reports continue to come in. In addition,
several count week birds such as American Dipper and American Kestrel will
add to the species list. Dipper have been reported by salmon watchers on
three different streams on the Island this winter but are difficult enough
to get to that it isn't worth sending a group just to catch the one species.
The kestrel pair at Wax Orchards that winter each year decided not to
cooperate with the count.


Redhead were noted at Three Tree Point where the count circle reaches across
the East Passage to a little slice of Burien and also in the part of the
count circle across Colvos Passage in Pierce/Kitsap County

The Yellow-billed Loon was found in Quartermaster Harbor;

Green Heron, a new species for the count, was seen in the part of the count
circle across Colvos Passage on the mainland in Pierce/Kitsap County;

Virginia Rails were seen/heard at a number of locations;

Four warbler species were noted, with a Wilson's Warbler, new to the count,
joining Orange-crowned, Yellow-rumped and Townsend's.


Only 42 Western Grebes in Quartermaster Harbor, down from 1800 in the first
count in 1999 and from 5000+ in the mid-1990's;

No Pine Siskins;

Finches in general extremely low.

Most parties felt numbers were lower. We'll have to add it all up and see.

Ed Swan

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