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Western Grebes around Vashon have dropped by 95% since the mid-1990's,
mirroring the regional decline. The local herring population declined by a
similar number over the same period which probably is part of the equation
for Vashon.

Quartermaster Harbor became an Important Bird Area because in the 1990's
almost 10% of the wintering Washington population of Western Grebes came
there, 5000+ birds. Yesterday on the CBC we counted 42, the lowest ever.

I haven't received the numbers for Colvos Passage yet, but it probably
wasn't good.


Ed Swan

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Hi Tweets,

Barbara and I spent around four hours on Vashon Island today. The weather
was dry, with weak sunlight, temps in the 30s, with a chilly breeze most of
the time.

The highlight for us was locating the YELLOW-BILLED LOON at Tramp Harbor.
Thanks to the folks who had seen it already and noted its location! Our best
views were from the end of the fishing pier, where the (weak) sunlight was
over our right shoulders as we looked at the bird, well offshore and
slightly to our left.

We found lots of ducks, including 1 EURASIAN WIGEON at Tramp Harbor, hanging
with some 200 American Wigeon. Also present was a hybrid AMWI-EUWI, and at
least 1 EARED GREBE. We also found large numbers of ducks at the Dockton
Marina and around the other side of Quartermaster Harbor near Burton.

We saw no WESTERN GREBES which are said to be plentiful in the shallows near
the north end of Quartermaster Harbor. Has anyone seen the grebes there

Good birding!

Paul Webster


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