[Tweeters] Palm Warbler Continues @ Mouth of Cedar River

Michael Fleming michaelfleming01 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 15:21:36 PST 2014

I arrived at the Mouth of the Cedar River this morning in hopes of
finding the reported Lesser Black-backed Gull but to no avail. Jordan
Gunn was there and had already scoped through the flock of Gulls that
were present. Several other birders showed up also with high hopes
but at the time I left the Lesser Black-backed Gull had not been seen
(might need to try in the late afternoon for it). There were a couple
of THAYER'S GULLS & HERRING GULLS present in the mix and I believe
Doug Schurman may have gotten a few decent pictures.
Michael Donohue spotted the PALM WARBLER and all who were present
got good looks at it. There were also a couple of TOWNSEND WARBLERS
in the same general area.

Cheers and Good Birding;

Michael Fleming
Ballard, Washington
michaelfleming01 AT gmail.com

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