[Tweeters] FREE: several years' worth of the "Corvi Chronicle"

Ellen Blackstone ellen at 123imagine.net
Sun Jan 5 13:18:34 PST 2014

Hello, Tweeters,

Naturalist and author (and founder of ASCAR, the American Society of
Crows and Ravens), Bil Gilbert, published the "Corvi Chronicle" for many
years, until his death a couple of years ago. I have several years'
worth of the "Corvi Chronicle," which I'd love to have go to a deserving

Bil led a bunch of Tweeters, including Gene Hunn, through the Foster
Island crow roost one October several years ago. Unforgettable night.

The newsletter is at once illuminating and irreverent. Definitely
interesting reading.

Any takers? Fine to reply offline.


Ellen Blackstone
Wedgwood - Seattle

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