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Rick Taylor taylorrl at outlook.com
Sat Jan 4 20:45:48 PST 2014

I've been the Adams County compiler for Matt Bartel's County Year List Project for the last 3 years. I really appreciate everyone that has entered their Adams County sightings into eBird, posted them on Tweeters or Inland NW Birders, or reported them privately to me. It is a community effort.
This year we tallied 224 species. This is one species above average for the seven years of the project.
Two birds that are rare state-wide were found in Adams County in 2013. Russ Koppendrayer found a Chestnut-sided Warbler in Ritzville on June 2. Lilly Ann Plumb photographed a Tennessee Warbler in Washtucna on July 19. Jon Isacoff found the county first White-breasted Nuthatch on 8/31/13 at the Ellenger Place.
Adams County Rare species with less than 5 five records in the county found in 2013 include:
Species Date Name Location
Pacific Loon 10/27/13 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
American Golden-Plover 09/15/13 Matt Bartels Cow Lake
Mew Gull 03/10/13 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
Anna's Hummingbird 11/04/13 Lily Ann Plumb Washtucna
White-breasted Nuthatch 08/31/13 Jon Isacoff Ellenger Place
Hutton's Vireo 08/31/13 Tom Mansfield Washtucna
Chestnut-sided Warbler 06/02/13 Russ Koppendrayer Ritzville
Black-throated Sparrow 08/23/13 Bob Flores Columbia NWR
Red Crossbill 01/14/13 Russ Koppendrayer Ritzville
Adams County Rare species with more than 5 records in the county found in 2013 include:
Species Date Name Location
Ross's Goose 04/19/13 Terry Little Sprague Lake
Eurasian Wigeon 03/16/13 Rick & Tina Taylor Finnell Lake
Red-necked Grebe 04/19/13 Terry Little Sprague Lake
Sabine's Gull 09/10/13 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
Glaucous-winged Gull 03/19/13 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
Common Tern 08/31/13 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
Snowy Owl 01/30/13 Terry Gray Hatton Rest Area
White-throated Swift 04/03/13 Heather Murphy Columbia NWR
Red-naped Sapsucker 09/15/13 Jon Isacoff Washtucna
Gyrfalcon 02/08/13 Ivar Husa Columbia NWR
Black-capped Chickadee 11/10/13 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
Western Bluebird 03/11/13 Jon Isacoff Othello - WA 17
Northern Mockingbird 06/30/13 Scott Atkinson Othello
Bohemian Waxwing 01/27/13 Rick & Tina Taylor Ritzville
Snow Bunting 11/10/13 Jon Isacoff Sprague Lake
Tennessee Warbler 07/19/13 Lily Ann Plumb Washtucna
American Redstart 06/08/13 Mike & ML Denny Ellenger Place
Common Redpoll 01/27/13 Rick & Tina Taylor Wellsandt Rd
Evening Grosbeak 05/05/13 Becky Lyle Ritzville
There were a couple of species that are usually seen each year that we missed completely. If you've seen one of these in Adams County in 2013, please let me know.
· Franklin's Gull
· Long-eared Owl
· Common Poorwill
The full list is at: http://sdrv.ms/1l7D64l Lists for previous years and for other counties can be accessed on the Washington Birder website at http://wabirder.com/county_yearlist.html
If you've spotted anything Adams County in 2013 that is not reflected on the list, please contact me. Again, thank you for your reporting your sightings. Keep them coming in 2014.
Good Birding!
Rick Taylor
Everett, WA

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