[Tweeters] Barn Swallows Dungeness/No Emperor

Jfgatchet jfgatchet at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 19:46:49 PST 2014

This afternoon while waiting for the Harris's Sparrow in the yard along Three Crabs Rd 5 Swallows flew through the yard. Four were BARN SWALLOW identified by sound and forked tail with white bars. I did not get a clear look at the fifth bird before they were out of sight. I am surprised at the number this far north in January.

Three GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were at the Kitchen-Dick Ponds and a bright Eurasian-American Wigeon hybrid.

The EMPEROR GOOSE was again not in Gardiner today and I did not see the Harris's Sparrow.

John F. Gatchet
Gardiner, WA

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