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Fanter Lane fanterlane at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 18:20:31 PST 2014

Hi tweeters,
Today I helped Brian Bell lead a WOS field trip to the Samish and Skagit
flats. The weather was incredible with sunny skies and no wind. We stared
at 8:00am up in the Samish flats. At colony slough at the north end of the
flats we found a first year Thayer's Gull with a small flock of G. W.
Gulls. Looking back south we noticed a huge flock of snow geese. There was
a flock of about 15,000 Snow Geese on Sunset and Thomas rd. As we
approached the flock of geese a coyote was running with something white in
its mouth that it dropped. The coyote continued across the field
disappearing. When scanning the flock an American Pipit flew over as we
noticed huge lines of more snow geese approaching from the south. We were
able to find 1 "blue" goose in the flock and sadly the injured snow goose
that was bleeding from its wound, presumably from the coyote. It was
incredible to hear and see the geese take flight when an eagle passed over.
There were lots of raptors on the flats. We saw about 4 Rough-legged
Hawks, 1 Short-eared Owl (at West 90) also at West 90 was 1 W. Meadowlark
and 4 Yellow-rumped warblers. We then headed to the north side of Samish
Island to a park on Wharf st., highlights including 2 Red-throatd Loons, 7
Long-tailed Ducks and at least 500 Brant.
We made a quick stop at Bay View State Park and ate lunch in the sun.
There were lots of wigeon and pintail out in the bay. At a feeder at a
house we saw a nice male Anna's Hummingbird and a Hairy Woodpecker. On to
Fir Island where our fist stop was looking for the reported Harris's
Sparrow with no luck. We went to Rawlin's rd where there where a lot of
birders and photographers preparing for the evening owl show but not a lot
of birds. We ended the day at Wiley rd around 4:00 pm with a count of 66
species for the day.

Every one enjoyed getting out in the sun with great birding experiences.

Good birding,
Fanter Lane
Acme WA
fanterlane at gmail.com
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