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Jennifer Jarstad jennjarstad at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 12:18:52 PST 2014

Thanks for posting that link Maureen. Very cool! jenn

Jennifer Jarstad
jennjarstad at gmail.com
Seattle, WA


So the birds are learning: Warblers and wrens and kinglets like suet at
many WA state feeders now. And, these multiple species, including also
chickadees, are starting to visit hummingbird sugar-water stations, too.
However, I only started seeing warblers at suet since the early 2000's.
Then a Ruby-crowned kinglet discovered my deck suet recently. And, less
than 2 weeks ago, the yellow-rumped Audubon's warbler developed a taste for
sugar-water at my deck hummer feeders. Now, it is quite a circus to see my
highly territorial yellow-rumped warbler just watch an Anna's hummingbird
at the syrup feeder, but, not chase unless the hummer itself starts chasing
another hummer, and the warbler follows. Astonishing! However, the
warbler is much more openly aggressive about trying to defend the suet
block; but, is only marginally successful. As it is chasing, other
chickadees or a nuthatch grab suet tidbits or a swarm of bushtits arrive.
Then the warbler has to wait, indeed.

See wonderful photos of cardinals at hummer feeders via this link:


Interesting and amusing and young-at-hearting,
Maureen E Ellis
NE edge of Seahurst Park forest
Burien, WA
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