[Tweeters] Yellow-rumped Audubon's warbler at sugar water feeder

Maureen E. Ellis mj2ephd at uw.edu
Fri Jan 3 01:12:18 PST 2014

Happy New Year...

I checked online to see what others had been reporting about warblers at
their hummingbird feeders, and, apparently several species of warblers have
been seen at syrup feeders across the country. I have two 8 oz feeders
with four stations each and all with perches and bee guards. I took the
bee guards off 3 stations on one feeder during the December cold snap to
make it easier for surviving hummers to feed. This past week, I have seen a
warbler, one of my winter 'resident' yellow-rumped Audubon's, feeding daily
on nectar (and/or maybe insects attracted to sugary residue) while perching
at one of the stations that doesn't have a bee guard.

The past few years, winter and spring, I have seen several species of
warblers coming to my suet feeder. This year have had the Yellow-rumped
Audubon's morphs (2 or 3) all fall and into winter now. In fact, one of
these has gotten quite territorial about the suet feeder, chasing
chickadees and nuthatches. I think it is the same warbler that is also
drinking at the sugar-water feeder. However, it can be overwhelmed by the
swarms of bushtits. Neither the downy and hairy woodpeckers, nor the
flickers, are quite so impressed by the warbler's claim.

Great fun and a backlog of digitizing the past few months of bird-sighting

Maureen E Ellis
NE edge Seahurst Park forest
Burien, WA
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