[Tweeters] Beautiful Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk in Whatcom County

Ed Swan edswan at centurytel.net
Thu Jan 2 17:18:04 PST 2014

I have a place now between Birch Bay and Cherry Point in Whatcom County and
am starting to check out the birds there. Over the last week and a half, I
saw along Grandview Road between Blaine Road and Jackson a beautiful
leucistic Red-tailed Hawk. It's almost all white, with only the tail red,
the breast band and auricular patch dark and a few dots of dark on its back.
It hangs out in the fields to the north of Grandview.

I've also enjoyed learning the yodeling call of the Long-tailed Ducks in the
Straits of Georgia off Pt. Whitehorn. We don't get Long-tailed Ducks very
often off Vashon and I've never heard the ones I've seen here vocalize.


Ed Swan

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