[Tweeters] 2nd Skagit Harris's sparrow

Brien Meilleur brienm at live.com
Thu Jan 2 07:48:28 PST 2014

Good morning Tweets,
Following up on Penny Koyama's post, my son Alex and I found a second Harris's sparrow during the Skagit CBC yesterday. The first-winter bird was seen just northeast of the conjunction of Beaver Marsh Rd. and Summers Dr., about a mile east of the Rexville Grocery. It was with a good-sized flock of Whte-crowned sparrows. It popped up immediately from a pile of vegetation near the road with light pishing. About an hour after we found it, John and Trisha Tubbs were able to relocate the bird.
Happy New Year to all!
Brien Meilleur

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