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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 06:29:07 PST 2014

Hey tweets, You'll probaby be amazed to hear this, but I spent FOY yesterday all day at Montlake Fill. A passing birder asked me to go with him to find the Palm Warbler, but I had to tell him I don't chase anymore. "It's only a few blocks away!" he said. Geographically, perhaps; spiritually, light years.

The fog twisted and turned in sinuous billows all morning, opening up to reveal 35 Canvasbacks on the lake, then closing back down to hide everyone and everything except for the faintest hint of blue sky above. I heard Trumpeter Swans in the slough near Canoe Island, but their voices faded into the fog, as did they, dissolving into the mist before I could find them. Luckily, 8 showed up later in the afternoon

The lake was loaded with ducks, including 21 Ruddy Ducks (!), 7 Redheads, and 1 Eurasian Wigeon. But I have to say the best birds of the day were two Golden-crowned Kinglets who were blasting their little way through Yesler Swamp when they burst into the tiny clearing of the trail to discover two big humans (me and my son) on the path. Braking instantly, they did something complicated with their wings, rolled partially over, and squeaked their way between us, almost getting entangled in our legs. Then they discussed the matter from within the safety of a bramble bush. We couldn't figure out if they were yelling at us or just talking things over, although I have my suspicions.

They reminded me of a driver I encountered recently in the Grocery Outlet parking lot. I almost hit him as I drove illegally across some empty parking spaces. He rolled down his window and did his best to educate me about my driving foibles, then drove off. About 2 minutes later, as he circled toward the driveway and as I beelined for the same destination, I almost hit him again. This time, he had to roll down the passenger-side window to deliver his educationally interesting talk. Then he sped away. My dream was to almost rear-end him at the next stoplight in order to complete my trifecta, but unfortunately, he was too quick for me. - Connie, Seattle

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