[Tweeters] Palm Warbler - yes

Christy christyrj at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 1 22:27:36 PST 2014

Hi Tweets,
Thanks to all the kind folks who've been sharing info. about the Palm Warbler. After being stuck in the house with the flu for over a week, this plus the Union Bay Natural Area was the perfect "back to life, back to birding, ring in the new year" outing for me today. The directions provided previously by Joe Sweeney were *perfect* (and are pasted below for the convenience of anyone else who is interested in going). I was there at around 2:30p today (discovered later that the timestamp in my camera was off by an hour).
When I arrived, the area seemed devoid of both man and bird and I honestly didn't think at first that I was in the right place - and so I walked right past the small foraging bird. Reading over Joe's specifics again, though, it was clear I was in the right area, so I started scanning the wood chips for movement and - sure enough - there was the solitary little bird!
I was able to get some nice photographs, including a few of the bird in a tree, which are here for anyone's interest:http://www.flickr.com/photos/18600129@N05/sets/72157639293386386/
As always, it was delightful to run into other birders who were there hoping to see the bird, and also the chance pedestrian who was exuberant and yelled for his wife and then whipped out his pocket camera when I told him what we were looking at. :)
Cheers,Christy JobeKenmorechristyrj at hotmail
Here are the directions I followed from an earlier email from Joe Sweeney:"I was driving by at 11:15 this morning, Saturday, 12/21/13, so I stopped by Mercer Court (NE Boat St & NE Pacific St), and walked up the path on the northeast corner of the intersection, a path marked by a 10-foot tower labeled "Mercer Court" and a 10-foot bright blue tower labeled "Emergency." The PALM WARBLER was on the ground on the left of the path, foraging in the dirt and bark chips. I noticed it when I reached the twin 3-foot high bright yellow posts in the path. The small bird blends in well with the ground cover, but it is in constant motion, so take a few minutes scanning the patch left of the path, and if it's there, you should see it."

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