[Tweeters] FOY bird and Happy New Year

arizona m brdchser at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 20:07:35 PST 2014

Happy New Year fellow bird nuts. FOY bird....since I'm such a night owl it
was light before I went to bed. Thought I'd play the game, looked out the
back door...no birds in sight. Should have known better, opened the back
door and flushed a bunch of hiding birds. First bird...D.B. Cooper's Hawk,
the skyjacker...hope he struck out.
Waited 'til nearly dark, after ol' D. B. had gone to bed, to call in my
50, little, California Quail, who were hiding out. Those ol' D. B.s tend to
learn that that loud mouthed quail ain't no quail, and like all the other
birds, knows it means FOOD! And, I'm loathe to set the table for him with
my quail babies. The food was there but they didn't budge tonight, 'til I
called them. Oh, beside the tsk, tsk, tsk, and coo COO coo calls in
quailese I throw in a bit of humanese, come, come, babies, quick, quick
quick! The neighbors know I'm nuts!

Wishing ya all lots of birds in 2014,

Arizona M
Grant Co WA
brdchser at gmail,com
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