[Tweeters] PO County morning

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Wed Dec 31 19:23:19 PST 2014


I spent a few hours this morning in Pend Oreille County this morning trying
to fill in a couple of county misses for the year - to no avail. However, I
was able to track down the (2) American Tree Sparrows at the feeder at the
house on McKenzie Rd (at the slough). At the same house, there were two
COMMON REDPOLLS in with 52 American Goldfinches.

Many of you out in birder land may not realize it, but Matthew Moswick set
all time annual Pend Oreille County record this year - 214! This is an
amazing accomplishment and I want to be the first to congratulate him. He
put me on a lot of birds this year... Alder Flycatcher, Flammulated Owl,
etc ...... His excellent skills will be missed as he moves to Boise.

Happy New Year.
Terry Little
Mead, Wa

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